• Woman covering ears

    Why Is My Heat Pump Making a Strange Noise?

    Pretty soon, heat pumps and air conditioners across Central Indiana will be working in full swing to keep families cool. Normally, heat pumps don’t generate much noise as they run. You’re used to the typical sounds that come with the system starting, running, and stopping – but what happens when new and sudden heat pump […]

  • AC tune up

    What Does an AC Tune Up Include?

    Homeowners throughout Central Indiana are getting to work this month, preparing their homes for the warmer weather that is to come. As you complete spring cleaning and home maintenance, don’t forget to schedule maintenance service for your home’s air conditioning system this time of year! What does an AC tune up include? Mission Mechanical shares […]

  • Couple relaxing on couch

    How Does a Whole House UV Air Purifier Work?

    The air inside your Central Indiana home can be a breeding ground for pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. A whole house UV air purifier works to neutralize these contaminants to protect the health and comfort of you and your loved ones. Mission Mechanical explains how a whole house UV air purifier works and […]

  • Baby in bathtub

    How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

    When you think about water heaters, you probably envision that big, cylindrical storage tank that takes up a lot of room in your utility closet or laundry room. While these conventional tank water heaters have long been used in Indiana homes, tankless water heaters are growing in popularity due to their energy efficiency and other […]

  • Man wrapped in blanket

    Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise When It Turns On?

    Under normal circumstances, you don’t hear much noise from your home’s furnace as it starts, runs, and stops. Should you notice unusual sounds when your furnace cycles, this noise is likely cause for concern. Why does my furnace make a loud noise when it turns on? Mission Mechanical explains the reasons why furnaces may have […]

  • Dirty furnace filter

    How Often Should You Replace Your Furnace Filter?

    Changing your HVAC system’s air filter is a basic part of maintenance that every homeowner needs to make a priority. When heating and cooling systems run on dirty furnace filters, energy efficiency and comfort suffer, and your equipment suffers damage. How often should you replace furnace filter units? Mission Mechanical shares when air filters should […]

  • Woman adjusting thermostat

    What Are the Different Types of Home Heating Systems?

    There are a number of different types of home heating systems available for installation and use in Central Indiana area homes. Before you replace your existing unit, explore your options – installing a new unit of the same system type isn’t always the best choice as far as your comfort, budget, and expectations are concerned. […]

  • Kitchen sink

    How Often Should You Have Your Home’s Drains Cleaned?

    How often should you have your drains cleaned? Knowing the answer to this important plumbing question can make all the difference in sparing you from some household disasters. The home plumbing professionals of Mission Mechanical explain when to schedule drain cleaning services and what is done during this appointment to keep your home’s drains healthy. […]

  • Turning on faucet

    Why Is the Water in My House Not Getting Hot?

    Picture this: You come home after a long, hard day, wanting nothing more than to take a warm, relaxing shower. You turn the water on and get in the shower, only to find that the water is ice cold. Many homeowners find themselves dealing with this issue, and there are a number of different reasons […]

  • Woman holding baby

    Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

    Before the colder months arrive and force you to turn on the heat, it’s important to perform the necessary maintenance steps to ensure that your HVAC system will be ready for the increased usage. However, where do you begin in performing the proper maintenance? In the newest blog post from Mission Mechanical, we’ll introduce you […]

  • Backflow prevention device

    What Is a Backflow Prevention Device?

    We all know plumbing issues can become a stressful hazard for Indianapolis homeowners. But did you know they can be harmful to your health, too? One of the most serious plumbing issues that can occur is when the flow of water reverses direction because of a change in pressure, leading to what is called backflow. […]