Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

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Before the colder months arrive and force you to turn on the heat, it’s important to perform the necessary maintenance steps to ensure that your HVAC system will be ready for the increased usage. However, where do you begin in performing the proper maintenance? In the newest blog post from Mission Mechanical, we’ll introduce you to some helpful fall HVAC maintenance tips to get you ready for the long season of heating ahead.

Schedule Fall HVAC Maintenance for Your Heating System

Your first step should be to schedule a heating system tune-up. If you haven’t used your heating system in a while, or if you’ve never had a heating system tune-up before, there could be underlying issues that you otherwise wouldn’t discover until it was too late. Having your heating system tuned up will help it to perform at its highest capabilities, lengthen its lifespan, and catch any minor issues before they grow and cause a complete system breakdown.

Replace the Heating System’s Filter

Your heating system’s air filter should be changed regularly to remove debris and to keep any clogs from forming. Dirty filters can significantly reduce your home’s air quality and lead to increased illnesses, among other health-related issues. Additionally, clogged or dirty air filters can restrict airflow, which causes your system to work harder to heat or cool your home. This can result in higher energy bills and increased wear and tear on your heating and cooling system.

Ensure That Your Vents Are Clean

It’s completely normal for dirt and dust to build up in your vents. However, to keep issues from occurring and to keep you and your family breathing the healthiest air possible, it’s important to regularly clean your vents. Not only will significant build-up lead to lower levels of indoor air quality, but it will also cause your heating system to be far less effective and efficient. Make sure your vents are clean and clear of any debris before ramping up your heating system’s usage.

Test the Accuracy of Your Thermostat

Before the heating season begins, make sure to test the accuracy of your thermostat. Doing so will ensure that the displayed temperature on your smart or programmable thermostat is accurate and will allow you to adjust the set temperature as needed. You can test the accuracy of your thermostat by taping a thermometer to a paper towel, and then taping that paper towel next to the thermostat. The two temperature readings should match up.

Contact Mission Mechanical to Schedule Your Heating Tune-Up

Mission Mechanical knows that there’s no compromise when it comes to the comfort and safety of your loved ones. Keep them safe and comfortable throughout the cold winter months by preparing your HVAC system. 

To schedule heating tune-up services with Mission Mechanical, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’ll make sure that everything is working properly, and we’ll catch any minor issues before they grow to cause more expensive and serious issues. Get in touch with the heating and air conditioning professionals at Mission Mechanical today to get started.

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