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  • No matter the season, your company’s commercial HVAC system is crucial for comfort for yourself, your employees, and your guests. To achieve and maintain an efficient, effective heating and cooling system, your Marion County business will require a seasoned professional who can handle your needs.

    At Mission Mechanical, making sure your heating and cooling systems run seamlessly is our top priority. We’re a local, family owned business, and we have a fierce dedication to serving our community. Our experts have over 100 years of combined experience in servicing HVAC commercial units in Indianapolis, IN, and we’re happy to offer comprehensive HVAC services to all local businesses.

    Expert Tips
    - Jon Arbuckle
    Optimize energy efficiency in your commercial HVAC system by investing in programmable thermostats. Set temperature schedules based on occupancy to minimize energy consumption during off-hours. Professional installation and maintenance ensure your system operates at peak efficiency, reducing operational costs.
    - Jon Arbuckle

    Types of Commercial HVAC Systems Mission Mechanical Services

    Mission Mechanical provides service for the following commercial heating and cooling systems:

    • Split systems
    • Rooftop units
    • Chillers
    • Boilers
    • Variable refrigerant flow systems (VRF)
    • Variable air volume systems (VAV)
    • Make-up air systems
    • Building management systems (BMS)
    • Walk-in and reach-in coolers
    • Mini splits

    Commercial Air Conditioning Services

    Marion County sees all four seasons, and that includes our hot, humid summers. With all of that heat, a functioning cooling system isn’t just a luxury it’s a necessity. 

    Mission Mechanical is ready to provide quality and trustworthy commercial HVAC services to keep your employees and customers cool, comfortable, and safe during the hottest weather of the year. 

    Whether you need regular maintenance or total repair, our commercial HVAC experts will deliver an effective solution in no time at all. 

    Air Conditioning Installation

    Maintaining your air conditioning system can keep it in top shape for many years, but nothing lasts forever. Sometimes a unit needs more than just a simple part replacement. 

    If you find yourself constantly repairing your cooling system, or it’s stopped functioning altogether, then you may require a replacement. Mission Mechanical is proud to offer quick, seamless air conditioner installation so you don’t have to break a sweat.

    Air Conditioning Repair

    When summer is sizzling away, your HVAC system works hard to make you comfortable. But there’s nothing more frustrating than when an air conditioner conks out during a hot summer day. 

    Thankfully, we offer quick air conditioning repair services that’ll get your system back up and running again. 

    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Our commercial HVAC services in Indianapolis, IN include maintenance. We understand that an HVAC system is a major investment. To get the most out of your air conditioner, we provide routine maintenance to save you time and money while improving efficiency and extending the life of the HVAC system.

    Air conditioning maintenance service from Mission Mechanical will keep your business comfortable year-round, all while preventing system failures or costly repairs. 

    Commercial Heating Services

    During the winter (and especially those snowy days), you want to keep everything cozy. Mission Mechanical wants that for you, too. 

    We provide a wide range of heating services to make sure you’re getting the most from your heating system. We’ll install and repair broken and outdated units. We will even provide routine maintenance to keep your heater running properly for years to come. 

    Heating Installation

    Heating systems lose efficiency over time. Once they wear out, you’ll need a solid replacement. Whether your system is struggling, broken completely, or you want an upgrade, Mission Mechanical can help. 

    Make sure you’re warm this winter and have a heater that works. Our commercial HVAC services in Indianapolis, IN don’t stop at keeping your company cool we want your company to stay comfortable all year round! 

    Heating Repair

    Our highly trained professional repair technicians are standing by to ensure your heater does its job and does it well. We provide part replacements or other fixes your heating system may need.

    We’re transparent, reliable, and offer fast and affordable repairs. Our 100 years of experience isn’t just technical; it’s also 100 years of providing superior customer service to all of our clients. 

    Heating Maintenance

    Avoid issues with your heating system by taking preventative measures. Don’t wait until you need your system repaired or replaced put your heater in the trusted hands of our professionals. Mission Mechanical will prolong the life of your heater and ensure your business stays warm for many winters to come. 

    Why Choose Mission Mechanical for Commercial HVAC Services?

    Mission Mechanical prides itself on being a local, family owned business. We value our relationship with the community and work diligently to provide Marion County and surrounding areas with the commercial HVAC services they need. 

    Our reputation is backed by our A+ rating from the BBB and our customer testimonials. We guarantee fast, affordable, and long-lasting fixes for any system because we don’t stop working until every problem is fixed.

    Schedule Commercial HVAC Services in Indianapolis, IN Today

    For reliable, cost-effective heating and cooling services, reach out today to schedule commercial HVAC services in Indianapolis, IN! We provide free estimates with repairs and are happy to offer free replacement consultations. 

    Contact us today to receive your free quote! We also offer indoor air quality services to improve the health of your business.

    Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Process Indianapolis, IN

    We understand the importance of a comfortable and efficient environment for your business. Our commercial air conditioning installation process is designed to ensure that your cooling system meets your specific needs while providing reliability and performance.

    • Site Assessment: Our experienced technicians begin by conducting a thorough site assessment of your property. We evaluate the size of the space, the layout of the building, and the ventilation requirements to determine the optimal location for your cooling system.
    • Design and Engineering: Next, we design and engineer your AC system to tailor it to your business’s unique requirements. We consider factors such as the size of your building and the local climate to determine the most suitable air conditioning system for optimal performance.
    • Equipment Selection: Once the design phase is complete, we carefully select the best HVAC equipment for your building. Our team ensures that all components are compatible and that any additional components needed are identified and included in the plan.
    • Installation: With your approval, our experienced commercial HVAC installation team will begin the installation process. We handle everything from connecting the components to wiring the system, following all safety protocols to ensure a smooth and efficient installation.
    • Testing and Commissioning: Before finalizing the installation, we conduct rigorous testing and commissioning of your new HVAC system. This includes verifying that all components are functioning correctly and adjusting the system as needed to ensure peak performance.

    We take pride in providing high-quality commercial air conditioning installation services. Our goal is to earn your trust by delivering transparent, reliable, and accountable service every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your commercial AC installation needs.

    For expert commercial air conditioning installation services in Indianapolis, IN, trust Mission Mechanical. Contact us at [phone] to schedule your installation today.


  • Why Choose Mission Mechanical?
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    • BBB A+ Rating
    • 150 Years Combined Heating/Cooling & Plumbing Experience
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    Mission Mechanical has been a BBB Accredited Business since 11/30/2005 and has a coveted A+ rating. Factors that raised the rating for Mission Mechanical include: 1. Length of time business has been operating. 2. No complaints filed with BBB. 3. BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

    Mission Mechanical has been a BBB Accredited Business since 11/30/2005 and has a coveted A+ rating.

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