Indianapolis, IN Sump Pump Installation

  • Mission Mechanical is a premier plumbing company offering sump pump installation services in the greater Indianapolis area. Our team of experienced plumbers is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service and quality possible. We understand that having a sump pump installed can be an intimidating process, so we strive to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers.

    Sump Pump Installation

    What is a Sump Pump?

    A sump pump is a simple device that helps keep your home dry by pumping out excess water. It’s typically located in basements or crawl spaces and works by collecting water from drain lines, surface runoff, or groundwater and then pumping it away from the foundation of your home. This prevents flooding and damage to your basement or other areas of your home caused by heavy rain, storms, or floods.

    There are two primary types of sump pumps on the market today: pedestal sump pumps and submersible sump pumps. Pedestal sump pumps have a motor housing suspended above the water line and work by drawing water up toward the motor. Submersible sump pumps, on the other hand, are designed to be placed directly in the sump basin and function as lightweight yet powerful water removal systems. Both types of sump pumps work hard to protect homes by removing any ground or stormwater that may enter your home’s basement. 

    Expert Tips
    - Jon Arbuckle
    Install a sump pump with a battery backup to safeguard your basement during power outages. This extra layer of protection ensures continuous operation, preventing flooding even when the electricity is down. Professional installation guarantees reliable sump pump performance when you need it most.
    - Jon Arbuckle

    Why Should I Have a Sump Pump Installed?

    There are many reasons why you should have a sump pump installed in your home, including protecting your property from water damage, preventing mold growth, and reducing your homeowner’s insurance rates. Having a functioning sump pump is especially important during heavy rain or flooding when excess water can easily overwhelm pipes and drains leading into the basement. Having a functioning sump pump ensures that any excess water is quickly pumped away from your home’s foundation, saving you time and money on costly repairs due to water damage. By investing in a quality pump, you can significantly reduce damage from floodwater in times of heavy rain or melting snow, providing peace of mind for homeowners everywhere.

    Sump Pump Installation Services at Mission Mechanical

    Mission Mechanical provides professional sump pump installation services for homeowners in the greater Indianapolis area. Our knowledgeable technicians will come to your home to evaluate the existing drainage system and discuss any special needs you may have. We will then work with you to create an efficient plan for installing an effective sump pump system tailored specifically to meet your needs. Once everything has been finalized, our technicians will install the system promptly so that you can rest assured knowing that your property is protected against future flooding or water damage events.

    Battery Backup Sump Pumps

    A battery backup sump pump is an important tool to have when flooding in your home is a risk. This device is installed alongside a main sump pump and has a large-capacity battery that allows it to continue operating even if power fails. As such, homes situated in areas that can be prone to flooding should consider investing in one of these devices as it will ensure that water does not back up and cause major damage when the electricity goes out. This small investment could save you from expensive repair bills down the line, as it provides valuable protection in the event of a main sump pump failure in your home.

    Contact Mission Mechanical for Sump Pump Installation in Indianapolis

    Having a working sump pump installed in your home is essential for protecting it against potential flooding events or other sources of water damage caused by heavy rains or overflowing sewers. Mission Mechanical offers professional sump pump installation services tailored specifically to meet each customer’s individual needs in order to provide maximum protection against future instances of flooding or water damage. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help protect your home!

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    Mission Mechanical has been a BBB Accredited Business since 11/30/2005 and has a coveted A+ rating. Factors that raised the rating for Mission Mechanical include: 1. Length of time business has been operating. 2. No complaints filed with BBB. 3. BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

    Mission Mechanical has been a BBB Accredited Business since 11/30/2005 and has a coveted A+ rating.

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