Building Management System Services

Building Management System Services

Have you ever wondered if your business or building maintenance could be more efficient? Do you find time being wasted by having to manage your mechanical and electrical equipment manually? Our building management system services in Indianapolis, IN, can control and automate your mechanical and electrical equipment to significantly improve your operations.

Mission Mechanical aids in automating your entire catalog of HVAC systems to save you time and energy.

What Is a Building Management System?

A building management system (BMS) is a computer-based system made up of both software and hardware. When installed within the confines of a business or applicable property, this system automates your building’s HVAC and electrical equipment processes, allowing for complete regulation.

The cleverly designed system takes the uncertainty out of the manually controlled services within your business. By automating the property’s HVAC and electrical systems, everything will run correctly as designed, around the clock. Our HVAC automation includes the ability to automatically set temperature, pressure, and humidity to keep your employees and customers comfortable no matter the season.

Expert Tips
- Jon Arbuckle
Integrate a Building Management System (BMS) for centralized control of HVAC, lighting, and other building systems. A well-designed BMS enhances energy efficiency, reduces operational costs, and allows real-time monitoring. Collaborate with professionals for a customized BMS that meets your commercial building's unique needs.
- Jon Arbuckle

Benefits of Building Management Systems

An automated BMS not only makes life easier for yourself but also has a positive impact on the business. These positive impacts come in the form of energy conservation, enhanced convenience for the company and its employees, and lower operating costs compared to your previously manual systems.

Save Energy

Commercial properties usually already come with standard heaters, boilers, and air conditioning systems. However, with a potential new VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC system, you’ll provide individual, effective zone temperatures for your employees. However, this isn’t just more convenient for everyone in the building; VRF systems are also highly energy efficient. You could be saving on your energy bills and control your energy use in comparison to the traditional, default systems currently in place.

Enhanced Convenience

As the system is entirely automated, it doesn’t require any unnecessary hours spent trying to get your building’s processes in working order. All that’s required is the initial setup of the software and hardware within your company. Once the integration is complete, the BMS will take over, creating the desired atmosphere for yourself and your employees with no fuss. The time that would have been spent on manually adjusting the facilities within the business can now be put directly back into the company, increasing potential workflow and overall efficiency of the workforce.

Lower Operating Costs

Due to the efficiency of the automated system provided by our building management system services, your overall operating costs will be significantly lower. You’ll notice an immediate difference when you receive your first utility bill and be thankful that you stopped toying with a manually controlled system. Money saved on operating costs is more money that could be funneled into your business.

Streamlined Building Automation System

A connected network of building management solutions allows for continuous collection and analysis of data from a  variety of linked systems and sensors. Combining devices and sensors with a building automation system platform creates a fully managed, streamlined system. These systems can include

  • HVAC systems
  • Indoor air quality
  • Lighting systems
  • Water, gas, and power meters

How Building Management Systems Integrate With HVAC and Electrical Systems

The building management system automates your business over a period of time. To begin, smart meters are set up around the property, collecting utility data from current HVAC and electrical systems. This is what we call the integration process, which is a series of installations to your current or new HVAC, lighting, or other electrical systems.

Sensors, fans, pumps, controllers, and timers are all set up during this integration process, ready to be connected to the new BMS when it becomes operational. In addition to the installation of meters and devices to aid in automation, there is also the integration of specialized hardware and software. This includes:

  • Hardware such as a DDC (Direct Digital Controller)
  • Servers to store the BMS data
  • Software that includes programming and configuration tools
  • User interface that allows for manual alteration to the new automated processes

Contact Mission Mechanical for Building Management Systems

Are you ready to upgrade your property with our building management system services in Indianapolis, IN? Schedule service for your business or property today!  Mission Mechanical can take care of all of your company’s HVAC and electrical system needs. We’ll work promptly to avoid any operation delays so you can start enjoying your brand-new, automated building management system sooner. Contact us on our website for immediate repair or care, or call our 24-hour emergency service line: (317) 342-0145.