Water Softeners

Water Softener Services in Indianapolis, IN

Although often optional, water softener systems provide many benefits to a household. These systems “soften” the water in your home by using several filters to absorb contaminants. The softening occurs when magnesium and calcium ions are exchanged for potassium and sodium ions during the filtering process.

If you’ve never had a water softener installed, you’ll soon realize that it’s hard to go back to not having it. So get the water softener you deserve by contacting Mission Mechanical for water softener services in Indianapolis, IN. We’re the go-to company in Indy for installing high-quality and efficient softeners, performing repairs as needed, and answering any questions about these systems.

Benefits of Soft Water 

Having hard water (or water with high levels of calcium and magnesium) can result in bad-tasting drinks, ineffective washers and dishwashers, and even unhealthy skin and hair. Soft water, on the other hand, filters clear and clean water to your home.

Below, we’ll share more details on the benefits you can expect when you call us for water softener services in Indianapolis, IN.

Expert Tips
- Jon Arbuckle
Adjust water softener settings based on water hardness levels. Monitoring and adapting settings ensure optimal efficiency in removing minerals that cause hard water issues. Professional installation and regular maintenance guarantee your water softener operates effectively, protecting appliances and pipes.
- Jon Arbuckle

Saves Money

A water softener works to treat hard water by removing the minerals responsible through a process called ion exchange. Soft water lacks the mineral ions that cause buildup in your pipes and appliances. A new water softener saves you from costly repair bills.

Healthier Hair 

Part of Mission Mechanical’s water softener services includes filtering out the chlorine from your plumbing system. Chlorine often causes damage to hair because of its drying nature, and you may even find yourself using more products to get the results you want. Soaps even tend to lather better when one of these systems is installed. 

Softer Skin 

The same applies to your skin. Chlorine and other similar chemicals tend to dry out skin, which causes irritation, forces you to use more product, and increases the scale buildup in your shower. Our water softener services in Indianapolis, IN will lead to showers that are kinder to your skin.

Cleaner Dishes 

If you’ve noticed those annoying smudges or spots on your dishes, chances are you have a hard water issue. This directly results from minerals not being filtered out of your system, meaning that soap doesn’t rinse easily and leaves a residue. 

Use Less Laundry Detergent 

A common issue with hard water is that it doesn’t allow soap to lather. Instead, it forms a type of curd. When this happens, the detergent in your laundry isn’t being used to its full potential, so you may have to increase the amount you are using to get a proper clean. 

Water Softener Installation 

If you’re having problems with your plumbing or simply want to enjoy the benefits of a soft water system, our team will be more than happy to explain our water softener installation process. 

Whether you’d like to replace an existing system or install a new one, Mission Mechanical is the best option for quality work and reliable service. Pipes and plumbing can be complicated, and we have the expertise needed to make installation go smoothly. When you choose to hire Mission Mechanical, you can relax during the installation process, knowing that the final result will include a fantastic soft water system. 

Mission Mechanical has consistently provided high-quality, customer-focused services for the Central Indiana area since we were founded in 2002. We pride ourselves on offering the security and expertise of a large contractor while also providing the high level of customer service you’d expect from your local handyman. 

Water Softener Repair  

Of course, repairing your water softener may be a more affordable option if a total system replacement isn’t in your budget. If you experience any issues with your system, our team is happy to visit and perform any repairs that are necessary.

Contact Mission Mechanical for Water Softener Services 

We’re proud to say that we have an average customer rating of 4.9 on Google, accomplishing our goal of providing the best customer service possible. At Mission Mechanical, we are happy to offer water softener repair or replacement services to homes and businesses in Indianapolis. Schedule service with us today!