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Heat pumps are amazing HVAC systems that use a heat exchange process to both cool down and heat up your home. They are increasing in popularity because they are an easy way to provide both heating and air conditioning for your home throughout the year.

In hot weather, cool air is pumped into your home after passing over condenser coils that absorb the heat of the warm air. The reverse occurs when the weather is cold and you need to heat your home.

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- Jon Arbuckle
Leverage the versatility of your heat pump by adjusting thermostat settings based on your needs. In milder weather, use the heat pump's energy-efficient heating mode, and switch to cooling mode on warmer days. This flexibility optimizes comfort while minimizing energy consumption.
- Jon Arbuckle

How Do Heat Pumps Heat a Home?

A heat pump is different from a traditional furnace or boiler system because it does not produce any of its own heat. A heat pump system transfers heat to where it is needed. During the cold winter months, a heat pump gets warm air from the exterior of your Indianapolis home and transfers it into the home through the exchanger system. 

It extracts the heat from the outside air, or by using a geothermal coil system that is buried into the ground. The heat from the outside of your home causes the refrigerant inside your coils to compress, making the temperature rise significantly. In areas with temperature extremes, it can be harder for a heat pump to be the only source of heat for your home, as heat pumps aren’t as effective when the temperature drops below freezing. In these climates, it’s best to pair your pump with a furnace.

How Do Heat Pumps Cool a Home?

A heat pump cools down your home in the reverse process by which it heats up your home. The heat pump extracts warm air from the interior of your home, and transfers it to the refrigerant as the air goes through the coils. 

Once the heat is removed from the air, it can then be blown back into your home to cool it down. This type of cooling system is similar to a traditional HVAC system because both types of cooling systems use condenser coils and evaporators to cool down air and transport it back into the home to cool you off.

The big difference between a heat pump and a traditional air conditioner is that a heat pump works in reverse to heat up the home too, while an air conditioner does not. Even when the temperature outside is very warm, you can still get a cool, comfortable temperature within your home by using a heat pump for air conditioning. It is a cost-effective way to control the temperature within your home, without relying on a traditional HVAC system.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation Services

There are a number of benefits to installing a heat pump in your home for the purpose of heating and cooling. When you invest in a heat pump, you can expect:

Long System Lifespan

Your heat pump can last about 15 years, especially when you take the time to have your system maintained twice a year. Since heat pumps operate year-round, your system should be serviced at the beginning of the cooling season and right before you need to have heat in your home on a daily basis.

Great Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, and they’re cheaper to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. When you are looking for more earth-friendly ways to keep your home comfortable, a heat pump is a great way to become more energy conscious.

Year-Round Heating and Cooling

During most of the year, you can use this one system to keep your home at the right temperature. A heat pump provides year-round heating and cooling for your space. During extremely cold periods (temperatures close to freezing) you can supplement your heating needs with gas or electric backup heat.

Low Noise Levels

Old heating and cooling systems can be loud to run. When you can’t stand the sound of a loud furnace, or your air conditioning unit is bothersome, it’s time to think about the low noise levels a heat pump can provide.

Heat Pump Services from Mission Mechanical

At Mission Mechanical, we treat every customer we serve with the dignity and respect they deserve. Every heating, cooling, and indoor air quality technician that works for our company has the skills and experience you want when it comes to the installation or repair of your heat pump system. Our company has over 150 years of combined experience, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are proud to provide Indianapolis, Indiana with heat pump services, and we work hard to keep our reputation going strong. When you have questions about heat pump services, we have answers. We are committed to providing you with HVAC and heat pump services you need throughout the year to keep your home comfortable. When you are a homeowner in Indianapolis or the surrounding area, it’s time to see how Mission Mechanical can become the HVAC company you trust to handle all of your repair, maintenance and installation needs.

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