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Gas Line Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

Damage to your gas line is an emergency, and you must report a potential gas leak to your gas company right away to avoid a dangerous situation. Gas line services from Mission Mechanical will help ensure that your gas line is safe to use and not causing a hazard to your home or those within. If you suspect a gas line problem in your home or on the property, leave the area immediately and call for help. 

This is an emergency situation because leaking gas lines can ignite, causing a significant fire to erupt.

Signs of a Gas Leak

There are a number of signs to watch out for that indicate you might have a gas leak, including:

Expert Tips
- Jon Arbuckle
When installing gas lines, prioritize safety with professional services. Gas leaks pose serious risks, so it's crucial to rely on qualified technicians for installation and repairs. Professional gas line services ensure compliance with safety standards and secure, leak-free connections.
- Jon Arbuckle

Rotten Egg Stench

Natural gas doesn’t have an odor, but it is supplemented with an odor-causing agent so that you can recognize if there is a gas leak. If you smell a rotten egg stench, this is a sign you have a gas leak in your home that needs to be addressed immediately.

Higher Gas Bill

If your gas bill goes up substantially from one month to another, you might have a gas leak that you are not aware of. Contact your gas company if there is a big increase in your bill, and they will be able to determine if there is a leak or prices have risen. Your gas company will be able to see usage rates from month to month, and this will show if your usage has gone up significantly in the last month.

You Hear Hissing Sounds

Hissing sounds coming from your gas line are a clear indication that gas is coming out of the line where it shouldn’t be. Leave the area immediately, and call for help to have the line repaired for your safety. You probably have a broken valve or line that needs to be replaced when there is a hissing sound.

Signs of Gas Poisoning

Weakness, trouble concentrating, difficulty breathing, blurry vision, nausea or headaches can all be a sign that gas poisoning is occurring. You might notice these symptoms in yourself, in children, or in your pets if there is excessive gas in your home making people sick.

When to Replace Gas Lines

The gas lines in your home will deteriorate over time. They become corroded, and then become susceptible to leaking. Our technicians at Mission Mechanical will take a careful look at your gas lines to determine whether you can get by with a repair, or if your existing gas line needs to be replaced at this time. 

There’s no specific answer as to how long gas lines are going to last, but flexible gas lines made out of stainless steel can last up to 30 years. A technician will look to see if there is any corrosion in your gas lines to determine if it is time to replace the line or repair it. The issue could be a simple valve that needs to be replaced, or you might have a big problem with corrosion. 

If you need to call for gas line repair services a number of times within a short span of time, it is likely that your gas line needs to be replaced to keep you safe from an injury. Call us today for Indianapolis gas line installation or repair services.

Gas Line Services from Mission Mechanical

Homeowners in Indianapolis and the surrounding area have built a good relationship with Mission Mechanical over the years and rely on our company to manage their gas lines as needed. We are a trusted company in Indianapolis, and we are ready to talk to you about any gas line services you may need. 

Our technicians have the training and experience you want when it comes to dealing with dangerous gas line situations and the safety of your home. With over 150 years of combined experience, we are proud to have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. When you have a dangerous gas leak, we want you to know that you can trust Mission Mechanical to take care of the situation for you. 

It is important to have a company that you rely on when it comes to dealing with heating and cooling emergencies, gas leaks, and routine maintenance. We understand the importance of taking good care of your home and dealing with emergencies quickly.

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At Mission Mechanical, we are prepared to inspect your gas line and make any necessary repairs to keep you safe. We provide emergency gas line service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (317) 733-8686 to schedule an appointment. We are ready to deal with your gas leak and will give your job the attention it needs to protect you and your home.