What Does an AC Tune Up Include?

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Homeowners throughout Central Indiana are getting to work this month, preparing their homes for the warmer weather that is to come. As you complete spring cleaning and home maintenance, don’t forget to schedule maintenance service for your home’s air conditioning system this time of year! What does an AC tune up include? Mission Mechanical shares the details of this professional service as well as why you need it.

What’s Included in an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

An air conditioner tune up is a professional service that is performed by a heating and cooling technician. Your preventative maintenance tune up appointment will typically last between one to two hours and include various testing and services for your air conditioning unit.

Here are the key steps of an AC system tune up:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the indoor and outdoor components
  • Cleaning of the outdoor condenser coil
  • Flushing the condensate drain line system
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Measuring refrigerant charge
  • Testing and adjusting the blower
  • Inspecting safety controls
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Testing thermostat operation
  • Checking the air filter

When Should I Schedule an AC Tune Up?

The steps we just covered are important to the ongoing performance and upkeep of your home’s cooling equipment. HVAC unit manufacturers recommend annual preventative maintenance tune ups for their equipment, performed by certified HVAC professionals. Regular tune ups may even be required per the terms of your unit’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Preventative maintenance tune ups for air conditioners should be scheduled once per year. If you heat and cool your Central Indiana home with a heat pump system, this type of unit will require two tune ups each year as it performs both the heating and cooling functions for the home.

An AC tune up is beneficial for your cooling system any time it is performed, but scheduling this service at a certain time during the year offers advantages that can help your family stay comfortable come summer and save money. Ideally, we recommend that homeowners schedule AC tune up appointments in the early to mid-spring.

Scheduling your AC tune up this time of year is advantageous for various reasons.

  • During the early to mid-spring season, temperatures are mild and heating and cooling system companies typically are not backed up with service calls. Scheduling your tune up this time of year means you won’t have to wait to have the service completed, and you’ll likely have your pick of convenient appointment times.
  • It’s important to complete your annual AC tune up prior to the start of warm weather each year. Tune ups deliver the care your air conditioner needs to function at optimal performance levels once it’s time to turn on the system for cooling. Complete your tune up in the spring and you can be confident that your air conditioner will run at its best when you’re ready to start using it again.
  • Professional air conditioner tune ups offer a critical opportunity to identify HVAC system flaws and correct them before they worsen and cause more damage to your air conditioner. When you schedule your AC tune up for spring, your technician takes the time to fully inspect and evaluate the system, looking for malfunctions that could either cause a problem when you go to turn on the system once the weather warms up or could worsen as the system runs this year, leading to a major breakdown later on. These issues can be fixed in the spring, too, so your air conditioner is ready to run without a problem this year.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Central Indiana

When you schedule your annual air conditioner preventative maintenance visit, our NATE-certified cooling technicians complete all of the  maintenance steps to ensure your air conditioner is in top shape going into the summer season. Don’t wait – schedule air conditioner maintenance today!

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