How Does a Whole House UV Air Purifier Work?

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The air inside your Central Indiana home can be a breeding ground for pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. A whole house UV air purifier works to neutralize these contaminants to protect the health and comfort of you and your loved ones. Mission Mechanical explains how a whole house UV air purifier works and why they are so beneficial to use.

How Does a Whole House UV Air Purifier Work?

A whole house UV air purifier is a type of indoor air quality equipment that is installed directly within the home’s HVAC system. Bulbs are used which emit UV-C energy as air circulates throughout the ducts and HVAC equipment. UV-C energy neutralizes the pathogens on contact, making it so they are no longer able to reproduce or cause infections.

Installing a whole house UV air purifier can control airborne contaminants including:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mold spores
  • Mildew

Benefits of Using Whole House UV Air Purifiers

Installing a whole house UV air purifier can offer your household many valuable benefits. When you install one of these indoor air quality devices, you can expect:

Reduced Illness Transmission

A whole house UV air purifier helps keep your family healthy by reducing transmission of viruses and bacteria that cause various illnesses. The UV-C energy kills these organisms on contact, so the particles are not able to spread to your living areas and cause infection.

Mold & Mildew Control

Mold and mildew growth can be common inside HVAC systems and ductwork, due to the dark damp environment and the ample food sources present amongst dirt and dust that have settled inside the system. Mold and mildew can grow inside the system and spread throughout the home via circulating air, reaching living areas where new growth can occur and cause damage. Exposure to mold in the air and home can also cause dangerous health issues. Using a whole house UV light air purifier greatly reduces this risk so your family stays healthy and your home protected.

Low Maintenance & Energy Efficient

A whole house UV air purifier is extremely easy to use and care for. This device requires very little maintenance – bulbs need to be replaced every one to three years depending on model, which can be performed during your normal HVAC system maintenance tune ups. UV air purifiers operate using only a small amount of electricity, even while running around the clock, so you won’t notice a spike on your electric bill. By controlling harmful mold growth, whole house UV air purifiers can also improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system’s operation for added savings.

Odor Control

Contaminant particles that cause odors to linger in the home can also be treated using a whole house UV air purifier. Neutralizing these particles within the HVAC system prevents their spread and continual circulation throughout the living areas, so your indoor spaces stay smelling fresh.

Whole House UV Air Purifier Installation in Indiana

A whole house UV air purifier can protect your family’s health and make your home a more comfortable place to be. Contact Mission Mechanical today to learn more about this indoor air quality equipment and to request an estimate for whole house UV air purifier installation.

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