Heating and Cooling News

  • Dog Days of Summer

    Some call it the “Dog days of Summer” others just call it “Summer”.  Whatever you call it – it’s just hot and uncomfortable when your cooling system is NOT working. While you can expect temperatures to go up and down as the summer begins to turn into fall – now is a great time to […]

  • Happy 4th of July from Mission Mechanical

    The Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Some things just work well and for a long time. …and some things don’t last quite as long.  If your cooling system is not keeping you comfortable – it’s time to get it repaired or replaced.  Both options will […]

  • Cool down this summer with $500 off a new system

    Memorial Day in the Indianapolis area means two things – remembering our brave men and women who died while serving our country – and “the race”. It also means that the really HOT weather is now here for the summer. If your cooling system is not keeping you comfortable – it’s time to get it […]

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Mission Mechanical!

    We could all use a little more luck …particularly when it comes to keeping an aging heating or cooling system running smoothly. Who wants to have to fork out a “pot of gold” to buy a brand new system for the same old heat? One way to stay lucky (and keep an old heating system […]

  • Nothing says “I Love You!” like saving money on a Honeywell Prestige Redlink Thermostat

    The Honeywell Prestige Redlink (Wireless) Thermostat is great for the homeowner who wants to control their home’s climate whether they’re there or not. Perfect for frequent travelers or lake house owners. Fantastic Features: Easy to Use HD Full Color Screen Displays Outdoor Conditions Portable Comfort Control for Home Connects to the Internet for Offsite Control […]

  • Enjoy the Big Game!

    No matter who wins, it’s going to be a great game.  Have fun and if you are going somewhere to watch the game – remember to plan ahead and have a designated driver to get you to there and back safely. Heating System Tune Up Now is a great time to schedule a Heating System/Furnace […]