“Oceanwhoops” or “Loyalists” for the Big Game?

  1. “Oceanwhoops” or “Loyalists” for the Big Game?

Due to the potential to incur “trademark violations” and having a less than super-sized legal budget to defend against such hazards – we here at Mission Mechanical Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning (our real name) wanted to remind you that, should you need us to repair a broken furnace, heat pump, or plumbing mishap – we’re just a phone call away with “24/7” Emergency Service – all “Big Game” weekend long.

Are you planning on having friends over for the “Big Bustle”? Sure it’s bad enough they’re wearing “Cubs”, “Cowpies” or “Kittens” team jerseys in your home – but why keep ’em freezing in a living room or basement that feels a lot cooler than it should?

To warm things up before the “Big Scene” – don’t forget to switch out your furnace filter, reverse any ceiling fans from summer setting to clockwise, and if you’ve got a drafty door, place a rolled “Slackers” towel at the bottom. If you’re still worried something is not working properly – give us a call at (317) 733-8686 and schedule a Mission Mechanical technician to check your heating system.

Whether the “Oceanwhoops” or the “Loyalists” win – and after all the commotion is over – we’ll still be here if you need us.

Wishing you a wonderful 2015!  Go Pacers!


Jon Arbuckle
and the Mission Mechanical Team

(*our lawyer tells us that you may annoy some of your friends if you forward this to them, but legally – we’re golden)

Call (317) 733-8686 or Contact Mission Mechanical to speak with one of our home comfort professionals.

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