3 Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer for the Big Game on Sunday

How to enjoy the party and avoid complaints from guests about freezing in your home

Carmel, Zionsville, Indianapolis heating furnace repair

Carmel, Zionsville, Indianapolis heating furnace repair

Tip #1 Change Your Furnace Filter

Yes it’s easy to forget, but it’s important to replace or clean furnace filters once a month during the heating season. Dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demand. Here’s a worry-saving tip: mark a monthly check on your calendar.

Tip #2 Dodge the Draft(s):

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use. Start simple and adopt that old Great Depression fixture — the draft snake, which you can easily make yourself. Just place a rolled bath towel under a drafty door.

Tip #3 Run Fans in Reverse

Most people think of fans only when they want to be cool, but many ceiling units come with a handy switch that reverses the direction of the blades. In the winter, reverse the motor and operate the ceiling fan at low speed in the clockwise direction. This produces a gentle updraft, which forces warm air near the ceiling down into the occupied space – cutting your heating costs as much as 10%!

Bonus Tip:  Give Your Heating System a Tune-Up

You probably already know that cars need periodic tune-ups in order to run their best. Well the same is true for heating equipment. Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated and properly adjusted will reduce energy use, saving up to 5% of heating costs.  Call (317) 733-8686 to talk to schedule a system checkup with a Mission Mechanical home comfort professional.

Bonus Tip: Consider a newer, more efficient heating system

Mission Mechanical features the most efficient heating systems available.  Newer heating/furnace systems keep your house more comfortable and run much more efficiently than older units – saving you money on your heating and cooling bills!

Contact Mission Mechanical at  (317) 733-8686 and talk to a home comfort professional.