Home Is Cool Downstairs & Hot Upstairs? Four Common Ways To Improve Cooling On Your Second Floor

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If you’ve own a two-story home with central air – you may have noticed that the first floor is cool, but your second floor can be warm and uncomfortable.  The usual culprit is that heat is being trapped on the second floor and that the second floor return capacity is insufficient to remove that heat. To handle this problem, there are four common ways to improve cooling on your second floor.

  1. Set the fan to be on all the time.
  2. Make the second floor return vent & duct bigger.
  3. Add a small return vent/duct to each room on the second floor.
  4. Divide the house into two zones, one for each floor.

For #1, the furnace fan running all day (with the a/c on) might solve some milder “heat trap” problems for your second floor.  You might also want to try adding a ceiling fan in critical rooms, like a second floor bedroom.

For #2, this is a common method to move warmer air out of the second floor, but this method has its limitations and may also be limited in its effectiveness due to construction of your home, your present central air system, and/or the location of the return vent or ducts.

For #3, in theory, this method should allow more places for the hot air to be moved out of a second floor, but may also suffer from limitations due to your homes construction, the limits of your present central air system, and the location of the added vent/ducts.  Before you try this step, first as a cooling specialist to evaluate your present central air system.  At this stage in time and cost, you may also want to consider adding a “ductless” cooling system to add more cooling upstairs where it is needed the most.

For #4, this solution requires the greatest investment and may require additional, new duct work, and a new central air system.  If you’ve tried all the rest and still feel hot and bothered, investing in a “dual zone” cooling/heating system can solve the toughest cooling challenges.

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