Why Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems Are Gaining in Popularity

High rise buildings with multiple rooms, warehouses with sprawling floor plans, and offices in historic buildings need comfort systems that can be controlled individually without major energy costs. Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems, or VRFs, are a large-scale ductless HVAC system that can perform at a high capacity. This system can both heat and cool different areas of buildings. These systems have been very popular in Europe, but have only been in America since the 2000s. Now, these systems are gaining traction and are growing as an increasingly popular heating and cooling system in businesses all over the country.

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How Does A Variable Refrigerant Flow System Work?

A variable refrigerant flow system is a large-scale ductless HVAC system that can perform at a high capacity. VRF provides the ability for multiple zones to operate on the same system. VRF systems can either be a heat pump system or a heat recovery system, which provides simultaneous heating and cooling. The specific design of a VRF system varies based on application, but they usually include one outdoor unit and multiple indoor air handling units that can be controlled individually. 

VRF systems are more versatile than most common HVAC systems. One VRF system can cover everything from your structure’s smallest workspace to large open areas and every sized room in between. This system is also smaller than a traditional HVAC system, with no need for air ducts or big outdoor units. Since VRF systems only use their refrigerant when needed, they are incredibly energy efficient. Energy efficiency is often hard to achieve in a large building, so VRFs are a great solution to help save you energy and money on heating and cooling large spaces. 

What Are the Advantages of a Variable Refrigerant Flow System?

Besides energy efficiency, VRF systems have many other benefits. Many customers like how quiet these systems are. VRF systems do not have fans or pumps, so they operate very quietly. Since variable refrigerant flow systems both heat and cool simultaneously, they eliminate heat loss and improve climate control. If your zone feels too cold, it’s easy to heat it up to a precise temperature without affecting other zones. 

VRF systems are easily adaptable and can be added onto at any time. If you have an office space and then start expanding into more spaces, you can easily add more air handlers to your system. These systems are easy to install, and the compressors do not require a large space like a maintenance room, which means you can make better use of your available space. 

What Types of Businesses Would Benefit from a Variable Refrigerant Flow System?

There are many different applications where a VRF system would be helpful. All sorts of industries benefit from the easy-to-use zoned climate control VRF systems provide. Hotels, multiple family homes, apartment complexes, and buildings with multiple offices are just some of the types of businesses that enjoy variable refrigerant flow systems. However, those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Patients in hospitals like to be able to control the climate in their rooms, especially if they need their room to be hotter or colder than other rooms around them. Schools and other educational facilities love the ability to change the temperature in their individual classrooms as needed. Renovators or builders looking to update historical sites often choose VRF systems because they do not require ductwork, are easy to install, and can maintain the integrity of the historical structure they’re working in. This non-invasive system is a great comfort solution for many worksites and businesses. 

Call Mission Mechanical to Learn More About Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

If you’re looking to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and reduce your heating bills while allowing tenants personal control, then a variable refrigerant flow system could be the perfect solution for your business. Call Mission Mechanical today for a consultation to see if a VRF system would work well for you.