Signs That Your Water Heater is Going Out

  1. Signs That Your Water Heater is Going Out

When it comes to the modern conveniences we often take for granted, few things compare to the luxury of hot water in the home. Your water heater makes it possible, and like all appliances, it has a finite lifespan. 

Unfortunately, it’s not something most of us think about until it’s too late. Mission Mechanical shares the common causes of water heater failure and discusses the telltale warning signs homeowners may notice when their water heater is going out.

Reasons Why Water Heaters Fail

As an experienced plumber, there are several factors we commonly see that contribute to water heater failure, including:

1. Age

The most common reason water heaters fail is simply due to age. On average, a traditional water heater tank has a lifespan of 8-12 years; tankless water heaters tend to last 20-30 years. If your water heater is older than this, it’s more likely to experience problems. Over time, the hot water tank may corrode, the heating elements can degrade, and the overall energy efficiency of the water heater can decrease significantly.

2. Sediment Buildup

Another culprit behind tank and tankless water heater failure is sediment. Over time, minerals and debris from the water supply can settle at the bottom of the tank or within a tankless water heater unit. 

This buildup can insulate the heating element in a gas or electric water heater, making it difficult to heat incoming cold water. less energy efficient and potentially causing overheating. The strange sounds of popping or rumbling you may hear from your tank hot water heater are indicative of sediment.

3. Corrosion

Corrosion is the enemy of tank water heaters. The anode rod is designed to attract corrosive elements away from the tank, but eventually, it depletes and corrodes. This is why it’s important to replace the anode rod.

Once the tank itself begins to corrode and rust, it’s only a matter of time before a leak occurs. In this situation, a new hot water heater is necessary as it’s not possible to fix a leaking water heater tank caused by corrosion and rust.

Signs That Your Hot Water Heater is Going Out

If your water heater is going out, it’s important to install a new water heater before you are left without hot water, higher energy bills, and even damage from a water heater leaking all over your floors. Here are some common signs your water heater is likely to fail soon:

1. Reduced Hot Water Supply

One of the most noticeable signs of a failing water heater is a reduction in the amount of hot water it produces. If you find yourself without enough hot water for hot showers or washing dishes, or waiting longer for hot water to reach your faucets, it’s a clear indication that something is amiss with your current water heater. 

This could be due to sediment buildup or a deteriorating heating element.

2. Inconsistent Water Temperature

If you experience fluctuations in water temperature, this is one of the signs your water heater might be nearing the end of its life. Inconsistent temperatures, such as hot water suddenly turning cold during a shower, can be a sign of a malfunctioning thermostat.

3. Strange Noises

As mentioned earlier, popping or rumbling noises coming from your tank water heater suggest sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. When the heating elements are covered in sediment, they aren’t efficient at heating water and use excess energy as they attempt to produce hot water quickly. This can damage the heating element and tank.

4. Rusty or Discolored Water

If you notice the water dripping from your hot water taps is rusty or otherwise discolored, it could be a sign of corrosion inside your hot water heater. Rusty water is not only unappealing and can give water a metallic taste, but it also means you need a new water heater before your tank starts to leak.

5. Leaks

The presence of water around your water heater is a critical sign of trouble. Leaks can lead to water damage in your home and should not be ignored. If you see any puddles or moisture near your hot water heater, it’s time to take action because your water heater may be going out.

Replace Your Water Heater with Mission Mechanical

Knowing the signs of failing water heaters and taking action when you notice them can save you from inconvenience, increased energy costs, and potential water damage. 

If you’ve observed any of the signs mentioned in this article or suspect that your water heater is failing, contact Mission Mechanical today for professional water heater repair and replacement services in Indianapolis. Our team of experts is here to ensure that you never have to go without hot water when you need it most. 

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