Fishers, IN Commercial Plumbing Installation

Fishers, IN Commercial Plumbing Installation

When customers enter a business – whether it’s a restaurant, medical office, retail store or grocery store – they expect their surroundings to be safe, clean and welcoming. If they’re greeted with a funky sewer smell or a leaky floor instead of a smiling face, they may never return.

If you have commercial plumbing systems in need of repair or replacement, don’t wait for the issue to grow into something even worse. Aging and broken-down plumbing systems give customers a bad impression and can lead to safety and sanitary issues as well.

Fortunately, you have a friend in the commercial plumbing installation industry – Mission Mechanical. We’re a family-owned and operated plumbing contractor that services all of Central Indiana. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Plumbing Installation Service in Fishers, IN

The licensed and certified plumbers at Mission Mechanical can provide a full range of commercial plumbing installation services for your Fishers, IN business. We offer service for new construction, full and partial replacement and installation for general commercial/industrial plumbing.

Water Heaters

A properly functioning water heater is essential for any type of business for cleaning, cooking, washing hands and bathing. Industrial-sized water heaters have a greater capacity for water storage and energy output. Over time, these workhorses can take a beating and eventually need to be replaced. If your commercial hot water heater is leaking, making strange noises, producing rust-colored water or is more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider replacement services. We install both traditional tank and tankless water heater models.

Water Softeners

More than 85% of the water in the United States is labeled as hard water. Although a commercial water softener is not required for many businesses, you should strongly consider having one installed, especially if you operate a restaurant or hotel. Water softeners remove minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium, which can leave residue behind on glasses and dishes, something you don’t want if you’re serving a customer a glass of water. Water softeners can also lower maintenance and repair costs and extend the lifespan of appliances because plumbing pipes and appliances won’t accumulate limescale buildup and corrosion that can lead to damage.

Sewer Pipes

A sewer problem is something you simply can’t afford if you operate a commercial business. Sewer smells are bad enough, but a sewer backup can cause customers to run for the hills. The licensed plumbers at Mission Mechanical can perform a video camera inspection to locate a clog and replace the sewer line if it’s damaged.

Sump Pumps

Commercial properties that have basements or crawl spaces need a sump pump to help remove excess water in case of a plumbing emergency or heavy rains. If you need a sump pump for a new build, or your current sump pump is over 10 years old, contact Mission Mechanical for installation service.

Gas Lines

Gas lines can last several decades but can eventually wear down over time due to corrosion or deterioration. Mission Mechanical can replace aging gas lines with new ones or install gas lines at a construction site.

Backflow Prevention Devices

A backflow prevention device prevents wastewater from polluting or contaminating a business’ potable water supply if a backflow event occurs. Most commercial properties are required to have a backflow preventer installed.


Whether you need new plumbing fixtures installed in a new build or your business’ current fixtures are old and falling apart, Mission Mechanical can install toilets, sinks, showerheads, bathtubs and faucets.

Other Installation Services

Mission Mechanical also installs water meters, water leak protection systems, water meter pits, water recirculation pumps, lift stations, ejector pumps and booster pumps.

Why Trust Mission Mechanical for Your Commercial Plumbing Installation Needs?

  • High ratings. Mission Mechanical is proud to boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.9 rating out of 5 on Google Reviews.
  • Top-rated plumbers. All of our plumbers are experienced, knowledgeable and licensed to perform plumbing installation work in the state of Indiana. We develop our workforce through continuing apprenticeship programs.
  • Service a variety of industries. We provide plumbing maintenance, repairs and installation to businesses in a variety of industries, including: medical office buildings, schools/universities, retail, municipalities and multi-family living facilities.
  • Emergency services. We understand that a major plumbing emergency can’t wait until tomorrow. That’s why Mission Mechanical offers emergency repair and installation services.

Contact Mission Mechanical for Commercial Plumbing Services in Fishers, IN

When you keep your plumbing system happy, you keep your customers happy, too. Whether you need plumbing installation for a new build or you need to replace aging, deteriorating plumbing systems in your current Fishers, IN business, contact the friendly plumbers at Mission Mechanical today. We offer free estimates on installation work.